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Magnovent is an industrial climate company. Our engineers and installers team designs customized solutions of energy efficiency and comfort.

We offer the most efficient solutions for high ceiling buildings ventilation and heating, both industrial or public.

HVLS fans homogenize buildings’ air temperature and improve people thermal sensation.

Gas radiant heating is used to heat only specific areas without losses.



Air will reach farther with fewer burdens on your heating and cooling systems


Natural ventilation for large areas


Ventilation systems for environments with high temperature and humidity levels


HVLS fans for industrial drying processes

Our History

Magnovent is an industrial air conditioning company, especialized in the generation of energy efficiency solutions allowing energy savings in companies.

In 2008, Magnovent was the first company to introduce HVLS fans in Europe as the most efficient air management solution in commercial and industrial buildings.

For each year thereafter, we have been growing thanks to our installations in internationally active companies looking for energy saving solutions. We have been able to offer customized energy optimization solutions at any time.

Farming sector

Cooling solutions for the farming sector

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Automotive / Aviation

Climate solutions for any kind of workshops, car dealers and hangards

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Shopping centres

Deficient ventilation can turn commercial premises into a hot and unpleasant place to work. Change…

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Public Areas

Efficient ventilation systems for public areas

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Gyms and Sporting Facilities

In gyms and sporting facilities, the stagnant air can overstress athletes and generate unpleasant odour…

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Commercial Premises

Ventilation systems for commercial premises are very important to ensure visitors comfort. HVLS fans create…

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Industrial sector

At Magnovent, we offer efficient customized industrial air-conditioning solutions for any space. Our industrial ventilation…

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Residential sector

This powerful and efficient fans use 50% less energy to move 76% more air, significantly…

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